8 rules of Meeting-driven developement(MDD)

  • Instead of wasting time on writing detailed requirements organize daily meetings and explain how requirement should be implemented.
  • Invite to meetings as much as possible attendants, to make them feel important even if they don’t have any impact on final decisions.
  • In the scope of one meeting try to discuss as much as possible topics, doing so you are saving time. Time = money!
  • Keep organizing meetings until all attendants will be agreed with the final decision. Do not be the only person who will be responsible for the decision.
  • Instead of answering to emails, collect them, organize a meeting and invite all senders where you can discuss altogether.
  • If attendants calendar is full, do not hesitate to schedule overlapping meeting.
  • While scheduling meeting do not check attendants time zone.
  • Implementation of requirements has to be done between the meetings.If you follow any of above rules, this explains that you are using new cutting edge methodology, MDD. Congrats!

    What new rules of MDD you know?